“Yevgeniy and Lyubov Kissin. Married on June 29, 1941. Yevgeniy: We met at a dancing party. It was in January 1938. My friend invited me to the party. He said there would be a lot of beautiful young girls. Another cadet with high boots had approached her, but she didn’t like high boots and so she said no to him. I was the second one to approach her. I had a different uniform, but I’m still not sure if it was my uniform or my face that attracted her to me.”

Let’s start the year with something positive and inspiring. Love is great and it’s best when it lasts.

When Lauren Fleishmans grandfather died she found love letters to her grandmother that he wrote during WW2. Young love in writing sent her on a search for eternal love. Photographing and interviewing couples that have stayed together for over half a century gave her enough intimate and inspiring material for a book called The Lovers.

She found no recipe for eternal love but she opened up a window into long lasting loves full of warmth and tenderness. The idea to grow old with someone that accepts and loves you unconditionally is probably in all of us. That’s probably why looking at these photographs warms our hearts.


“David and Sheila Newman. Married on April 12, 1957. Sheila: David always supported any interests I had. He supported me with whatever I did, told me I should do the best I can. And I was anti-intellectual when I married him. I got to love music because he practiced a lot and I listened to him and he explained everything. We really changed, we enriched each other’s lives.”


“Dick Dehn and Gary Payne. Together since Sept. 2, 1957. Dick: We’ve been together 56 years. A couple of times I’ve thought, yes, I’ve known him longer than I knew my mother. And my mother died in the early ’80s. I’ve known him, and he’s known me longer than anybody else on this earth. I never regretted it. I don’t know just exactly what love is, but he was the person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and we have.”


“Jake and Mary Jacobs. Married on April 27, 1948. Mary: Jake said to me, ‘Would it ever be possible for me to marry you?’ And I said, ‘Possible but not probable!’ And that’s how it was. It wasn’t likely that I would ever marry him, and he knew that. So when he went home to Trinidad, my mother and father breathed a sigh of relief. But he used to write, and he said, ‘I’m thinking I might come back to England.'”


Yaakov and Mariya Shapirshetyn. Married on July 6, 1949. Yaakov: What is the secret to love? A secret is a secret, and I don’t reveal my secrets.”