Under-Cats is a series of photos taken underneath, wait for it,…cats. And is followed by Under-Dogs. Yes, you guessed it, a series of photos taken underneath dogs. I love how photogenic a cat can be, even if it’s just laying on a glass pane. And with playful dogs, photos really come alive through their personalities.

Photos of pets from underneath on a black background became a signature artwork for a Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba by now and I can’t wait to see more of his under-photos. Here is a link to his photographic journey from underneath.

via: my modern met

I’m sure most of you know a tiny hamster video series by now, since the first one, when a tiny hamster Bogart eats burritos, went insanely viral in 2014. Denizen, the creative firm that produces the videos and Joseph Matsushima and Joel Jensen, the creative duo behind the project didn’t stop since. They are posting one video a month, setting hamsters in different human situations. And I can’t get enough of it. Watching a tiny hamster with a tiny hat, sitting behind a tiny table, in front of a tiny plate, eating a tiny cake, with a tiny … oh, you get the picture… And then his cute little friends come along… Well, if anything, it’s procrastinating at it’s finest…

Hamster eating cake

My favourite just has to be a tiny birthday for a tiny hedgehog, but this is their latest creation, and it’s still as cute as a tiny hamster eating tiny human food can be.

All I can say is: thank you internet!