The Checklist is again conquering new territories – location-wise and genre-wise. Side Project is our first Croatian band and as for genre… Let’s go with dream pop. It’s definitely dreamy. And it pops. All I can say is… Wow. Now all that’s left to do is wait for the album release. The duos second album Lonely Boys comes out December 1.

Side Project – Lonely Boys (single, 2017)

It’s not only music, it’s an experience! You often hear that from festival PR people. But you really have to experience at least one music festival in your life time, even if you’re not a real music buff. The vibe, the music, the people, the relaxed, anything goes atmosphere mixed with summer and preferably the seaside is so unique you get hooked in an instant.

Outlook Festival has all of that and even more. It really is the place to be in the beginning of september in Croatia.

All the venues are equipped with the best and most powerful sound systems you can think of, and variety of the different bass genres is overwhelming. Walking around the ruins and discovering little venues set in dungeons, nooks and little courtyards, each hosting their own style of music with their own crowd is surreal. And you get lost in the music. Sounds corny right? Especially coming from a rock chick. But this is Outlook Festival. You’d be surprised how many people come visit, who really don’t follow bass music religiously, but here you learn almost everything about it first hand. And the lessons are long and powerfull. Everything goes here, from emerging underground sounds, to established styles, that are already reigning the dance charts around the world.

The next great thing about the festival is the crowd. The cincerety of the bass lovers is so charming and even if you had to much to drink the night before they’ll take you on a journey… One could get almost emotional when you see a free spirited reagge buff, a crowd of dnb freaks, easy dub people, some freaky grime enthusiasts all celebrating the same love. Love for music that is….

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