I love crafts. And I love all sorts of DIY projects, but I have to admit, I’m also really lazy, when it comes to actually trying them out. So I usually end up pinning them onto my “I have to try that” Pinterest board, and that’s that. And there’s another obstacle. If I do start a random DIY project I often don’t finish it, because I either don’t have all the things needed for the project, or I find out that it really isn’t that simple as it looks.

Decorating easter eggs are one of those failed projects. I get frustrated with them every year, because they often don’t come out as they do in the perfectly shot photos by fancy crafty bloggers. That’s why I’ve come up with some simple ideas for easter eggs, that are easy to make even if you are super lazy. And, oh, I bet everyone has the things needed for these project at home…

Super Simple Easter Egg Ideas For The Super Lazy

But remember the first rule is, don’t worry so much about the outcome, you’re gonna eat the eggs anyway…

1. Everybody has some thread lying forgotten somewhere in a kitchen drawer, right? It can be yarn, or thin sewing thread, or even better a ball of string. Just cut a random length of thread, and wrap it around the egg as tightly as you can. The thread can be secured with a drop of glue at the beginning for an easier wrapping.

Eggs wrapped in random length of thread

2. and 3. Wrap some gift wrapping ribbon leftovers from last christmas around the eggs. Yes it can be that simple, and I really love how random but cute it looks!

Eggs wrapped in gift wrapping ribbon leftovers Eggs wrapped in gift wrapping ribbon leftovers

4. Cut irregular random shapes out of plane white office labels and stick them on the eggs.

Random shapes stuck on eggs

5. Gather the paper confetti from paper punches, and glue them on the eggs.

Confetti glued on eggs

And we’re done! Now, let’s eat!