You know the internet is full of wonders. Great and not so great. I found these KUSA Grass Thongs by Yashin™. Yes, flip flops with a layer of fake grass on the soles to get the sensation of walking barefoot on grass.

Good idea? Bad idea? Decide for yourself, but I think I’ll just stick to my old flip flops and go barefoot only when I’ll want to.

Kusa flip flops

I’m sure most of you know a tiny hamster video series by now, since the first one, when a tiny hamster Bogart eats burritos, went insanely viral in 2014. Denizen, the creative firm that produces the videos and Joseph Matsushima and Joel Jensen, the creative duo behind the project didn’t stop since. They are posting one video a month, setting hamsters in different human situations. And I can’t get enough of it. Watching a tiny hamster with a tiny hat, sitting behind a tiny table, in front of a tiny plate, eating a tiny cake, with a tiny … oh, you get the picture… And then his cute little friends come along… Well, if anything, it’s procrastinating at it’s finest…

Hamster eating cake

My favourite just has to be a tiny birthday for a tiny hedgehog, but this is their latest creation, and it’s still as cute as a tiny hamster eating tiny human food can be.

All I can say is: thank you internet!

If the super simple easter eggs for super lazy people, were to simple for you, I found some great fun inspirations and tutorials for pimping up easter eggs. Some of them are a little more complicated, but I’m sure there’s nothing you can’t accomplish if you set your mind to it, right? Enjoy!

1. Sprinkle easter eggs DIY 2. Dye-ving dudes (haha, so clever) 3. Easter eggs mix & match sculptures 4. Sharpie doodle eggs 5. Natural brown easter eggs 6. Dip dyed easter egg with attitude 7. Egg dyeing: thumbprints technique

I love crafts. And I love all sorts of DIY projects, but I have to admit, I’m also really lazy, when it comes to actually trying them out. So I usually end up pinning them onto my “I have to try that” Pinterest board, and that’s that. And there’s another obstacle. If I do start a random DIY project I often don’t finish it, because I either don’t have all the things needed for the project, or I find out that it really isn’t that simple as it looks.

Decorating easter eggs are one of those failed projects. I get frustrated with them every year, because they often don’t come out as they do in the perfectly shot photos by fancy crafty bloggers. That’s why I’ve come up with some simple ideas for easter eggs, that are easy to make even if you are super lazy. And, oh, I bet everyone has the things needed for these project at home…

Super Simple Easter Egg Ideas For The Super Lazy

But remember the first rule is, don’t worry so much about the outcome, you’re gonna eat the eggs anyway…