Colonia Aemona lulia tribu Claudia was established in 14 AD in the southwest of the present Ljubljana. It was home to about five, six thousand inhabitants who felt safe behind thick city walls. Emona the ancient name for this roman town, had paved streets, stone built houses with sewage and heating systems in place. Town was supplied with water trough many aqueducts.

Majority of former residents were merchants and craftsmen, alongside with some government officials and war veterans. A statue of Emonian exhibited at the Congress Square gives you a good idea how they looked a like. For all the other questions regarding Emonian everyday life here is a pictorial of an anniversary week you just missed.

Roman camp at Congress Square and the park Zvezda offered performances, military maneuvers, market with pristine Roman craftsmen introducing their handicrafts. And above all, you could enjoy the picturesque mixture of Roman warderobes displayed on the artists.
Not even the nagging weather could spoil the fest of 2000 years round anniversary. The whole event made us more aware of our history and made us love our beloved Ljubljana even more.