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Different gleam of gold from the Fair Trade system

The Fairtrade Standard for Gold and Associated Precious Metals aims to enable artisanal and small-scale miners (ASM) to improve their livelihoods through responsible and sustainable mining practices.


Achieving certification against the Standard means that the miners:

  • Receive a guaranteed Fairtrade Minimum Price: this is set at 95% of the London Bullion Market Association’s (LBMA) fixing for gold, which is substantially higher than the price many marginalised miners receive.
  • Receive a Fairtrade premium payment, which is democratically reinvested in community projects and improving miners’ operations. This is calculated as 10% of the applicable LBMA fixing. For Ecological Gold (gold extracted without the use of chemicals) this is calculated as 15% of the applicable LBMA fixing.
  • Develop long term business relations with their commercial partners, giving the miners financial security.

Gold miners village El Paso in a remote part of Choco. miners2

Fulfilling the Fairtrade and Fairmined standard means that certified miners:

  • Have developed democratic and accountable organisations and formalised all their operations.
  • Protected through the mandatory use of protective gear and safe use of toxic chemicals, such as mercury and cyanide, used in the gold recovery process.
  • Are respectful of their environment when mining, for example they must protect and restore the local eco-systems, including managing water pollution.
  • Recognise the rights of women miners.
  • Work to eliminate child labour.

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/59340188@N02/


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It’s ring time – unique and awesome!

It’s jewelry time!
My eye was caught by this hexagonal gold ring designed by jewelry designer Gabriela Artigas.

Gabriela Artigas-hexagon-1

14K GF Hexagon – Gabriela Artigas 

Seeing how nails tend to be sooo very, very jealous of fingers for their rings, let me show you Triangle rings for fingernails!

Triangle Ring – Gwaan

Unique and awesome!

It’s jewelry time!

You read it right! Spring is the time for new love to spring, the time of new revelations… There is nothing lovelier to the soul of a woman, than jewelry. If you want to be original and funny, you definitely won’t miss these two beautiful pendants.


Hunting Man – Gisele Ganne


Heart Pendant – Gilbert13

Let your heart beat for jewelry! Don’t waste your time in following me!

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