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Arjan Pregl – Interview


Selfportrait – before and after makeover

Something completely different and freaky, a former resident of Trnovo, a neighborhood in Ljubljana, became a resident of Brussels last year (temporarily). The painter Arjan Pregl belongs to the younger generation of painters, together with Sašo Vrabič, Nikolaj Vogel and other artists. Known for his humor, Arjan normally uses himself as his guinea pig, or failing that, he uses contemporary subjects in various forms – including politics, but in a cultured way. Arjan works in painting, graphics, illustration and design and has had 28 solo exhibitions in various Slovene and foreign galleries. For most of his exhibitions Arjan works together with designers so that they help him co-create art. His art, like him, is full of surprises, which is why no one knows what his next exhibition will bring. For his work Arjan’s won multiple awards.

Given a choice, what kind of a tree would you be and why?
I’d probably like to be that palm tree, featured in jokes about people, who find themselves stuck on a deserted island.


Painting on a deserted island

A fact about you that surprises people, especially those who know you.
Sometimes I like to count tiles in a bathroom. My Ljubljana apartment has 367 whole tiles and 133 partial ones. Here in Brussels we have 178 big ones and 1463 tiny ones, I don’t even know if you could call them tiles. The apartment in Varkala, where my girlfriend and I stopped during our trip to India in 2009, had exactly 400.


What is the point?

What would you have for your last supper?
Something horrible, so I could hardly wait for them to chop my head off.



Who would you invite to dinner if you could choose anyone?
A world-class chef… and I’d ask him to make the lunch.


Higher power

Who or what inspires you most?
Good art, travel, Urška, my daughter Ela… as well as everyday situations – for example the pattern of objects on a table and considering if they’re alphabetized.

One of my great sources of inspiration and a personal role model of mine is my grandmother Lenčica, who distributed flyers for the resistance when she was 14. She was forced to flee from her home village and was then imprisoned in Venice, with the biggest criminals, child killers, etc. The appalling conditions there almost killed her. When she was finally released two years later, she joined the partisans. Well, today when I’m in Brussels, she and I communicate through Facebook and Skype.


Endangered Species

What do you like most about the city you live in?
At the moment that’s Brussels. It has lots of galleries and nice parks where we hang out when the weather’s nice. I also like its strategic location. I can take the train to London and be there in two hours!



Name your 5 favorite things!
A computer, a book, a hand scanner/translator, a tissue and a tube of paint (it can also be multiple tubes)… in no particular order.


Paper tissues I accidentally washed in my trousers I.

Which good book, have you recently read?
Richard Prince’s monograph – Spiritual America, which I read alongside Katja Perat’s poetry collection – The best have fallen.

What sort of music are you listening to these days?
Leonard Cohen and Lana Del Ray’s latest albums and my daughters iron repertoire (mostly Svetlana Makarovič).


Pants for Clouds

What would you most like to do at this moment?
a) lying in the shade at the seaside,
b) sitting in a Turkish sauna,
c) not eat headache pills.

Who would you like to spent the night with, if you could choose anyone?
Definitely with Karl Marx, let me attach a photo as proof…


Rereading Marx

Who’s blog do you frequently follow?
I rarely follow them these days. When I used to, I probably spent most of my time editing my own blog.

Petra Rezar

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