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Simple and Dreamy Elephant Ceramics

I’m such a sucker for little designer thingies, for the home, like plates, bowls and all sorts of vases… The desire to own such an object usually grows with the fact that I don’t need it. The less I need it the more I want it. Of course.

I found Elephant Ceramics, quite some time ago and I fell in love with its shapes and colours. The person behind the brand is Michele Michael, a table top prop stylist, who started creating ceramics when she couldn’t find the pieces she needed. The textured organic shapes, artistically painted and glazed are just the thing I don’t need, but would be so happy if I had some of them. And it’s kind of a good thing that everything in her shop is sold out. For now…



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Ideas for a last minute Christmas tree

I know, I know, most of you’ve probably been good and already have your Christmas trees up and decorated. You probably spend your evenings sitting round it, contently admiring it, sipping warm tee with the smell of fresh baked cookies coming out of the kitchen.

Well my home doesn’t look like Christmas is around the corner at all. But today I suddenly had the feeling that a quick decorating intervention is in order, to get me into the feeling if for no other reason…

That’s why I took a peek at Nataša’s blog, where she thoroughly tackled ideas for making a different kind of Christmas tree. The collected ideas are cute, simple and environmentally conscious.

Given the time I have left to save this years Christmas I’m attaching a few cute ones.


1 Bettinaholst.blogspot.com, 2 Modern Parents Messy Kids,  3 Le Vestiaire de Jeanne via decopeques.com


1, 2, 3 via arhitekturaplus.com, 4 nails and string, photo by: chris warnes via design milk, 5, 6, 7 via buzzfeed, 8 a merry mishap blog, 9 laloleblog, 10 wrapping paper, A little tipsy, 11 paper plates, sweet paul, via vonblum


1 Felt Ball Garland, Down to the woods, 2 removable wallpaper tree kandi


1 post-it’s via brightbazaarblog, 2 Boxes with figures via behindthebiggreendoor, 3 book and magazine tree via hoipippo


1 photo by: John Deer via design milk, 2 photo via Cool Mum Hunting, 3 photo via loinadecuado

Buy nothing Day, November 28th

Are you tired of shopping and shopping centers? Are you tired of commercials that tell us that we exist only if we buy? And that we’re better if we buy more. What they forget to tell us is that the only reason we can buy is, because others can’t.

buy nothing day-01

On the international Buy nothing day it is your duty to “put down” your shopping. The Buy nothing day is a day of protest against modern consumerism. We celebrate it every first Saturday after Thanksgiving Day in the US.

buy nothing day-02

We can all participate in a day of “shopping detox”. Take a day and participate, by not participating … shut your wallets. It’s free.

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Mood Booster – Förort / Dim Out

I’ve spent a month in Sweden this summer and I still can’t escape the influence. The country is inspirational in every aspect. And the people… Well the people are extra nice and can also be really weird. But in a good way.

Recently I came across a Swede that falls in a weird category but his sound gets stuck in your head, and it forces you to groove a little. Even if it’s just in a bathroom while getting ready for another workday.


Dim Out –  Förort


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My iStudio – Part 3


Now that you have your preamp successfully connected to your editing software it’s probably time to get serious and record a voice or an acoustic instrument.
‘A microphone! It’s a microphone!’ some roady shouted once. He was wrong because it was the xylophone that was causing the buzz but would be right today.


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