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Mood Booster – Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me / Ghostpoet

Good Morning. Are you feeling ok? Me, I’m kind of mellow, due to the fact, that tomorrow is the official end of holidays. Well I’m not going to school, but it means, that everybody’s back. So let’s prepare for more traffic, more people, and a general busy mode… everywhere… And that’s where Ghostpoet comes in. Enjoy!

Ghostpoet – Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me
album: Shedding Skin, 2015


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Francois Dourlen – Real life vs. Pop Culture

Francois Dourlen says he’s just an ordinary guy, who found a way to express all the  funny little thoughts that are going through his head by superimposing pop culture characters into the real life situations with his iPhone.


His sharp eye for detail and a big dose of humour is kind of contagious and I became a real fan of his instagram profile. The ongoing series is so much fun and I’m looking forward of every new photo he makes. In his world a yellow bucket becomes a cartoon character, microwave oven becomes an escape route for Bruce Willis and Thor can help hammering nails… We need a little break from reality from time to time, don’t you think?

lion-king-francois-dourlen thor-francois-dourlen puss-in-boots-francois-dourlen minion-francois-dourlen superman-francois-dourlen die-hard-francois-dourlen up-francois-dourlen