Mood Booster - So Much For Love / Gramatik

Shitty weather doesn't have to be a reason to have a shitty day, or even a whole week, right? Imagine a beautiful sunny day in july and think of all the nice things you could do if it wasn't raining. Damn it! That didn't help at all... But maybe this tune will.

And don't forget, you can catch Gramatik on Outlook Festival this year!

Gramatik - So Much For Love
album: Beatz & Pieces Vol. 1, 2011


Month Of Design Ljubljana - Call For Entries

For more than 10 years Slovenia’s capital has been all about design in October. The Month of Design Ljubljana is an unmissable ensemble of events exploring, evaluating and solving problems of living, bringing together creatives and businesses while encouraging interdisciplinary dialogue.

Month of Design is an annual festival of know-how and creativity in design. It offers platform for discourse focused on exploring the role of design in creative industries, business, culture and social practices. The main aim of Month of Design is to increase the competitiveness of businesses and society, establish knowledge transfers between developed and less developed economies, and emphasise the strategic, economic and cultural advantages of design. Month of Design aims to become an important cluster and the very special creative hub on the future map of Ljubljana, its hometown. This ambition is based on the right mix of sustainability, multiculturalism, legacy of dialogue, green self-sufficiency, manageable distances and large scale urban planning.
This year Month of Design is taking place in the abandoned premises of printing house Mladinska Knjiga in Ljubljana, 6 October - 6 November 2014. Its motto: “It is possible!”. Speaking of fashion design, the highlights of this year’s festival will be the international fashion and product design exhibition of South-East Europe “Brands & Signs”, and the conceptual international fashion design exhibition “The Identity”, showcasing designs of carefully selected creatives from all over the globe. Fashion related activities will be curated by Eric Maj Potocnik and Matjaz Plosinjak. Furthermore Month of Design will also offer a diverse rage of conferences, discussions and workshops.
BRANDS & SIGNS EXHIBITION  //  Call for entries open until 1 August 2014
An international fashion and product design exhibition Brands & Signs, showcasing a selection of original, innovative, well made products from the region of South-East Europe, will be one of the highlights of the Slovenian annual design-related festival Month of Design Ljubljana 2014 (6 October - 6 November 2014). The geographical position of Slovenia, located right in between the Alps in Central Europe and the Balkan Peninsula, makes it a gateway into the South-East Europe.

Exhibition is open to individual designers, teams and companies of South-East Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro,  Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey) from environmental care, labour, transport, urban planning, gaming, society and fashion. Speaking of fashion, designers are invited to apply within the following categories: ready to wear, haute couture, avant-garde, designer footwear, accessories and jewelry. Furthermore designers and brands are invited to offer their products in the pop-up and online store of Month of Design and can also take a part in short public presentations titled Stage 180. Among showcased products the jury of Month of Design will award the best of them.

Christoph Rehage - The Longest Way

Christoph Rehage who was born in 1981, in Hannover, Germany gained world renown with the movie about his 4500 kilometer walk through China. Christoph began his journey on 9 November 2007, on his 26th birthday and finished it in October next year, walking all the way from Beijing to Ürümqi. The video which you can see below shows clips of Christoph driving in a car, flying in a plane or sailing a boat. These rear moments happened when Christoph took a short rest from his walk or took time to sort some personal and bureaucratic matters.

Christoph planned his journey a year in advance and initially planned to walk the whole way from Beijing to Germany. After a year of funny haircuts and strange beards he stopped, shaved and had a haircut and went home where he graduated.

Many people who saw the video asked Christoph: “Why go on the walk? Why stop?” His only answer was: “I’ve been wondering about that too.”

Many also wrote him that they intended to do something similar. Christoph isn’t sure what to tell them, he says he has only one advice for them: “It’s not important which dreams you pursue, as long as you have them. Pursue them and smile while pursuing them!”

After all that I’ve read, I’m still not sure why Christoph decided to go on his adventure. I’m not even sure he knows himself, but I still find the story and video fascinating. Click on play and your walk through China can begin.

The Longest Way 1.0 - walk through China and grow a beard! - TIMELAPSE from Christoph Rehage on Vimeo.

Mood Booster - There's nothing like this

So, I've been browsing through the line-ups of upcoming festivals and look what I found! Omar! He's such a rarity. I know many of you don't know who I'm talking about, but when you'll press play, you'll know in an instant. This song is kind of forgotten, but has such a nice vibe to it, that I get a smile on my face every time I hear it. 

Anyway, Omar will be performing on Dimensions Festival this year (August 28-31) and it's because of these kinds of little sparkling gems that I really love festivals. There's always a chance that some little act, hidden among the big names could surprise you and bring all the memories out. The good ones, of course ;)

Omar - There's Nothing Like This
album There's Nothing Like This, 1900


And oh, don't forget to check the whole Dimensions Festival line-up!

And the lucky winners are...

It's time to announce two lucky winners of EXIT Festival giveaway. Sadly this time Lena couldn't find the time to pick the winners, so a computer had to do it. And here are the results. Drum roll please :)


EXIT Festival 2014 Giveaway

So now what? Summer is here, and you haven’t decided which festival to choose. Well let us help you a little. EXIT Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Europe and it was also voted ‘best European Festival’ in the 2013 European Festival Awards. EXIT is taking place in a picturesque city of Novi Sad from July 10 to July 13. 

The festival venue is so spectacular and unique, we guarantee you won’t forget it easily. The fortress is offering breathtaking sunsets over the city of Novi Sad and over 600 artists, peforming on 20 stages connected by cobbled streets, ramparts and tunnels - a walk through the mystical fortress is like a trip through a magical wonderland. EXIT is also a musical journey as they embrace diversity and offer different genres of music from worldwide artists.
Besides the huge line-up, there’s another pro, which is also really important. EXIT is a non-corporate event with a unique history, having started as a student protest against the communist Milosevic regime. EXIT has proved that music is a universal language that can connect and bring people together to make the world a better place. Be part of something that is more than just a music festival, where hedonism meets activism as EXIT continues to evolve and bring like-minded people together. "Party hard and remember - apathy is the enemy” EXIT. Where hedonism meets activism. 
Did we got you thinking? There’s still time to buy tickets, but luckily we have some to give away. And what do you have to do, to get a ticket? Just answer a simple question, mail it to, and on sunday we’ll draw 2 lucky winners who’ll get a ticket with a camping pass. Sounds great, right? 
What venue does EXIT take place in?
a) island
b) fortress
c) castle

Good luck!

Movie theater at the end of the world – The Sinai desert

Somewhere in the south of the Sinai peninsula in Egypt, at the very edge of the desert, in the middle of nowhere, a hundred seats for an outdoor cinema are placed. Estonian photographer, Kaupo Kikkas recently visited this deserted place and took these amazing photos of this dilapidated dream. The movie theater project was funded with French money not so long ago by bringing old seats, a generator and a massive sail shaped screen from Cairo.

The locals weren’t too happy with the idea and discretely sabotaged the generator. The theater never played a single movie. You can also see this movie theater under the stars on Google Maps
Shady Abd Al Salam

Mood Booster - Not Moving

Hello my lovlies! How are you doing? I'm still cruising around Scandinavia and my last stop is my favorite Copenhagen. That's why I have to post a song from here, right? I've found this guy Troels Abrahamsen and I fell in love in an instant. He's a producer, songwriter, singer and what not. He's quite well known around here and I think I should spread the word about him, so more people could enjoy his music. So here you go. Let's start a week by not moving :)

Troels Abrahamsen - Not Moving
album BLCK, 2010


Sunday Story - Dark Noir

Dark Noir from Gillian Glendinning on Vimeo.

A private eye, roaming the dark streets full of things noone else can see.
A fistfull of dollars, searching for her, he did find something. What could it be?


Recycling – a lamp from discarded vinyl

You can order this super cool table lamp made from recycled vinyl records here.

The sale of new vinyls is growing yearly and reached its peak in the last 10 years.
Well, you can’t have mine! Their place is on the record player!


Mood Booster - Luna

Festival season has started! Can you feel it already? I'm so excited and can't wait to visit some of them. First one will definitely be INmusic festival in Zagreb, Croatia (June 23.-25.). So let's start this week with somebody from their quite impressive line up.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna
album So Long, See You Tomorrow, 2014


Bled Film (ECO) Festival

Between June 17th and 21st 2014 Bled will host the Bled Film Festival (BFF), the first international engaged film festival in Slovenia. In addition to competitive projections of global and European movie production, the festival will give us an opportunity to reflect on the importance of water and finding solutions to water conservation. The slogan of the festival is'' Moving images for a Better World'', which in itself is eloquent enough. The Festivals organizers want to use the power of film as the perfect medium for addressing both the rational and emotional sides of human thinking about the world that surrounds us. In addition to exceptional films the organizers have set themselves the goal of making people aware of the urgent need for the protection of water resources and other environmental issues that threaten life on our, one and only planet.

The competitive program will offer 8 feature length films from different countries premiering in Slovenia and 8 documentaries related to water.

BFFs first edition will also bring interesting accompanying events and evening entertainment, while Bled will host some of the top filmmakers from Slovenia and abroad. You can find more about the festival here.

The face of change – Camille Seaman

Photographer Camille Seaman offers us a series of impressive shots called Terminus: Face of Change, which show the end of the road for icy landscapes.


To the viewer the landscape is beautiful and impressive, but at the same time inevitably painful and uncomfortable.

“Change comes whether we like it or not. It may not always be beautiful and elegant, but it always brings something new,” says Camille about her photographic series. The photos were taken in Antartica, Grenland and Svalbard between 2006 and 2010. Very attractive!

Mood Booster - Boys vs. Girls

Good morning everybody! Here is a little number, that could cheer you up if you need to change your mood. Since I'm in Sweden it's only natural I've chosen a Swedish band don't you think? Enjoy!

Tikkle Me - Boys vs. Girls


Six Hands – doghouse

Six Hands is a dog bed ! Six Hands is a doghouse! Six hands is for all dog lovers, lovers of minimalism and ecology. Each house is custom made, exclusively from eco friendly materials and is ideal for smaller and medium sized pet dogs. They’re made from organic cotton with watertight inner linings. You can also buy each part of the house and bed separately.

My advice… the gray cotton bed and plywood house are made for each other so don’t separate them!