Eggshell Seedlings - Spring in an Egg

While I was browsing the internet for the cutest and smartest easter egg decoration ideas i bumped into this post on a great blog 17apart. And I fell in love with the idea. Of course it’s not really new, but it’s still fresh. Planting herbs in eggshells really looks photogenic and the good thing about it is, you can seed the plants directly into the ground with the eggshells, when the sprouts are big enough. So eco!

So, all I have to do now, is invite bunch of friends over for a big breakfast, so I can start this project. I’m gonna need a lot of eggshells, so people, get ready for a giant omelet!


My iStudio - Part 2

In order to record a sound you will need an interface that connects input devices (microphones and instruments) to your main device. 

If all you want to do is record a guitar than all you need is one of the products below. We have already written about the first one - the Apogee Jam.


Apogee Jam is as simple as it gets. An interface with an audio input, a USB output and a gain controller on the side. Plug in your guitar, stick the other and into your recording device and, voila, you’re making music. The good side of the Jam is its size. Carry it in your pocket or a guitar case, plug it into your iPhone and you can have a studio on the train ride home (the passenger will sure be happy about that bold move). The not so good (but still not dramatic) side is the 100-ish Euros price.

The second product basically does the same as the one above, just for a bit lower price and with more options.

Line-6 Sonic Port is also USB connectable but has two audio inputs and two outputs, meaning that you can record two different instruments simultaneously while listening through headphones, amps or speakers. A huge, yet small, recording interface for just shy above 80 Euros.

Now, if you want to get really serious and are just aching to throw in a microphone the Scarlett 2i2 is what you’re looking for.

Scarlett is a USB powerd preamp that allows you to plug in two separate audio sources (be it a mic or an instrument) and regulate gain for each one. It comes equipped with a headphones output and two line outputs for monitors. Apart from all the features it actually looks good and robust and will narrow your pocket for about 150 Euros. A very fair price for everything it delivers.

As every gadget that you buy the ones mentioned above may also suit different people differently, so I recommend you to check as many forums and as many reviews for each one as possible before buying it.

This is it for part two. Part three will be mainly about microphones and the accessories that come with them.

‘Till then – rock on!


DIY Ideas - Fun Easter Eggs

If the super simple easter eggs for super lazy people, were to simple for you, I found some great fun inspirations and tutorials for pimping up easter eggs. Some of them are a little more complicated, but I’m sure there’s nothing you can’t accomplish if you set your mind to it, right? Enjoy!


1. Sprinkle easter eggs DIY 2. Dye-ving dudes (haha, so clever) 3. Easter eggs mix & match sculptures 4. Sharpie doodle eggs 5. Natural brown easter eggs 6. Dip dyed easter egg with attitude 7. Egg dyeing: thumbprints technique

International Creativity and Innovation Week - How far does your creativity go?

This was a clever advertising campaign for Panamericana Scool of Art and Design launched a few years ago. And although is not news, it's kind of timeless. So, sit back and test yourself. How many things can you think of, that originate from X's or O's? How far does your creativity go?

Let's Not Make A Fuss This Easter - Super Simple Easter Egg Ideas For The Super Lazy

I love crafts. And I love all sorts of DIY projects, but I have to admit, I’m also really lazy, when it comes to actually trying them out. So I usually end up pinning them onto my “I have to try that” Pinterest board, and that’s that. And there’s another obstacle. If I do start a random DIY project I often don’t finish it, because I either don’t have all the things needed for the project, or I find out that it really isn’t that simple as it looks. 

Decorating easter eggs are one of those failed projects. I get frustrated with them every year, because they often don’t come out as they do in the perfectly shot photos by fancy crafty bloggers. That’s why I’ve come up with some simple ideas for easter eggs, that are easy to make even if you are super lazy. And, oh, I bet everyone has the things needed for these project at home…

But remember the first rule is, don’t worry so much about the outcome, you’re gonna eat the eggs anyway…

Mood Booster - Come On Go Wild

Come on, let's get wild. But in a quirky way.

Ralfe Band - Come On Go Wild
album: Son Be Wise, 2013


Flea Found Sunday - BADMINTON

Eearly spring is calling for an outdoor socializing event, or a picnic on a fresh green grass. (According to the temperatures, it might as well be early summer.) Good company, scent and taste of barbecue and cold beer. But in our times, we must not forget about some healthy component. Like recreation.
I guess we can all agree that badminton is the best choice for picnic-recreation. There are no age limits, it can be played by both amateurs and professionals, and on top of it, it's super-funny. And if you can source an oldschool wooden racket, you're that more fancy. And don't forget about the sun shade for your head!

The only thing that can spoil the game is wind. But I hope today's Sunday afternoon will be calm. So see you on a game of badminton, out there on some green meadow. 

Photo: Boy's Badminton team 1970 (

Sunday Story - Junkyard

Something always happens. Sometimes a good thing happens and a lot of times shit happens. It just does. And sometimes all that happens is life. Life that comes between old friends.

JUNKYARD - Hisko Hulsing from il Luster on Vimeo.

A Yolk-eating fish - Peleg Design - The Yolkfish

A design firm from Tel Aviva -  Peleg Design has designed this funky fish - Yolkfish, which separates yolks from egg whites without fuss. The fish slurps up the yolk and the you can deposit it elsewhere with a gentle squeeze. Watch the fish in action in the video below.

This little kitchen tool is really cute!


M3D – the first truly consumer 3D printer

Our insatiable desire for new technology is where Kickstarter thrives. To be honest it is a quid pro quo relationship, we do get something in return and this time we’re in for an amazing gizmo! The Micro 3D Printer promises to be the first ultra-cheap 3D printer on the market.

The project hit its Kickstarter goal of 50.000 $ in just 11 minutes and with weeks to go before the campain runs its course, who knows how much money they raise – millions for sure!

Do you want to get in on the early action?

This Must Be Thursday

source: goodreads

Live, travel, adventure, bless and don't be sorry.Jack Kerouac

The Importance of Dancing - Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso. This could be the name of this years' Estonian competitor for the Eurovision. But Sylvan Esso is a duo, made up of singer Amelia Meath and producer Nick Sanborn. Their eponymous studio debut is released on 13th May, until then we are given a cuddly and gentle electro-pop cut Coffee with more than fitting slo-mo video. It reminds us how important dancing is, no matter where and how you do it. Sounds cheesy? Maybe, but it's so full of warm and lovely emotions, that you won't be able not to smile. At least for a bit. And of course big kudos for the use of “my baby does the hanky panky” phrase! ;)


One for the Kids - BAMBUKI

BAMBUKI, a bamboo balance bike for kids designed by Deutsch company Faserwerk.



The faces of homelessness – Jan Banning

Dutch photographer Jan Banning combined powerful political themes and an exceptional feeling for portraits. His story is the story of homeless people from Americas south. The series began in 2010 when Jan was invited, by Columbia’s 701 Center for Contemporary Art, to create a series of homeless portraits.

Banning started taking his photos in reception centers around Columbia and in other parts of South Carolina and ended up taking a hundred stunning portraits printed in his book “Down and Out in the South.”

Feelings of desperation, neglect and marginalization are a common point in all the portrayed persons we often see in magazines and newspapers. Bannings work gives these people back their dignity and equality!

It’s time to revise our own heads!

Mood Booster - Booty Call

What do you get when you mix three unlikely ingredients, which at a first glance don't go together at all? Well, if we talk about food the result can be disastrous. But when there's music in question, we've learned through the years, that results can be quite pleasing. 

So, when you mix an indie darling Sufjan Stevens, a classicaly trained composer with crazy hip hop beats Son Lux and a big mouth from Chicago Serengeti, who isn't afraid to speak up his mind, you get Sisyphus. And their latest tune will surely get you ready for the week. Enjoy.

Sisyphus - Booty Call
album: Sisyphus, 2014